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Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield SE (previously Unibail-Rodamco SE) is a European commercial real estate company headquartered in Paris, France. Its history originates with the formation of two separate shopping centre operators, Unibail (founded in France in 1968) and Rodamco Europe (founded in the Netherlands in 1999), which merged in 2007 and became a societas Europaea in 2009.

A former employee said this in a review: "The constant turnover means more work, long hours, and stress. Unfortunately, the accounting procedures are unclear and several managers have quit. There are very few people left who can answer questions or understood the software. Everyone is overwhelmed and looking to leave. Save yourself and don’t apply at Unibail".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Highly recommend reading the not-so-great reviews. It's not a matter of disgruntled employees, bad reviews are all sadly true."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Everything about this place is a con. For finance, they are pushing to make everything in house and relying less on outside providers. This turns your average 40 hr a week job to an average 55-60 hr a week job all year round. If you are coming from public accounting, please don’t think the grass is greener here. You’ll still be working those long hours with unreasonable expectations here in accounting and tax. The hours and the stress remind me of public accounting. Busy season is all year round because of all the deliverables France asks for. There is no down time like in public accounting. As I slave away doing endless deliverables, I have come to terms that public accounting is way better because at least there’s clear cut career progression. Here, you may be stuck as senior for many years. At your performance review, you WILL get dinged for not meeting unattainable goals and not being able to produce the ridiculous amount of deliverables that France requests. Also, please note that they are pushing heavily on automation. They are asking everyone in finance/accounting/tax to find ways to reduce redundancies and increase efficiencies by using AI or by automating workpapers aka you will be replaced by a software soon enough. Every month someone is let go or fired. Everything is very hush hush. And every time someone leaves, they do not quickly try to find a replacement. They try to see how long the department can last without this person and then say that they do not need a replacement. As they keep doing this, departments get smaller and the last man standing in the dept definitely isn’t winning. TLDR - the grass isn’t greener here. Water the lawn you have now."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Biggest mistake of my life to join this company. You’re just a number and a dispensable hired help. You’re not a person who worked hard for your accomplishments. Stay away if you have self-respect and dignity."

Former Employee - Director says

"Leadership is lacking direction, people are overworked and left feeling unappreciated."

Former Employee - Director says

"Management was horrible, no respect for work life balance"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"horrible work life balance, ridiculous requests from Paris that require way more work than it was worth, no soft skills in treating employees like they care, a serious disconnect with how to keep employees engaged. It shouldn't always be take take take from your employer."

Former Employee - Finance Professional says

"Finance in particular has lacked leadership since 2019, and is essentially an admin function in most cases. Many great people left, and the warmness is no longer there. Incredibly long hours and ridiculous deadlines."


"Terrible management and leadership. This company used to be the one that everyone in the industry used to try to mirror. Now, the culture has been vanished and the obsession with only financial meters has driven most of the old Westfield employees away. The truth is the new owners overpaid when they bought in a terrible deal and now they are desperately trying to make more money to recover that overpayment. The biggest problem is, they know nothing about how the retail industry works in the US and trying to copy what they do in Europe is definitely not helping."

Former Employee - Finance Professional says

"Lesser skilled management sabotaged productivity"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Large majority of management should not be managing people. Ever since the acquisition, very toxic, distrusting environment. Expectations and deadlines are unclear and with new guidelines and way of operating, employees are left to figure out how to meet new expectations without clear guidance. Mass exodus of employees, old Westfield has completely filtered out and taken with them the collaborative, warm culture. European management slowly taking over in the U.S. office."

Technical Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unibail Rodamco, oder jetzt Unibail Rodamco Westfield, ist als Arbeitgeber absolut nicht zu empfehlen. Zumindest allen, die die 30 überschritten oder eine Familie haben. Man braucht viel Zeit und Kraft, um die Anforderungen der Firma zu erfüllen, selbst eine 60 Stunden Woche ist niemals ausreichend oder genügt den Ansprüchen der Vorgesetzten. Arbeitsleistungen werden grundsätzlich als schlecht angesehen, damit noch mehr gearbeitet wird. Das Vorgesetztenverhalten ist absolut miserabel, inkompetent, überheblich und böswillig. Führungskompetenz, angefangen bei der Geschäftsführung bis hin zur Regional-/Centerebene sollte man nicht erwarten. Viel Vetternwirtschaft und Klüngelei bei Beförderungen mit intransparenten Entscheidungswegen prägen das Bild von URW.Keine"

Finance Director AT&SK (Former Employee) says

"- native french have an advantage - very centralised organized - all decisions are made by the headquarters in Paris - good locations of their offices, right next to the shopping mallsgood locationlong hours"

Leasing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Ambiente de trabajo muy duro. No vale cualquiera para puestos de responsabilidad. Up or Out"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"The constant turnover means more work, long hours, and stress. Unfortunately, the accounting procedures are unclear and several managers have quit. There are very few people left who can answer questions or understood the software. Everyone is overwhelmed and looking to leave. Save yourself and don’t apply."

Commercial (Former Employee) says

"Equilibre vie privée/pro proche de 0 Journée de 8h30/21h30 et plus Beaucoup trop de réunions inutiles et en doublons Locaux sympa mais équipement et process très vieillaux pour une entreprise du CAC 40 Esprit très franco-français, vision unique. Employés chassés à la sortie de grandes écoles, des clônes, mais qui ne reste pas très longtemps donc turn over très important. Je suis resté 8 mois et vous l'aurez compris je ne recommande pas du tout.Carte TR, passe navigo pris en charge a 60%Tout le reste"

CDD. Responsable accueil (Former Employee) says

"La management est fondé sur la pression du personnels. L'évolution au sein de la société n'est pas garanti."

Comptable (Former Employee) says

"Nous sommes "fliqués", certains collaborateurs surveillent les moindres faits et gestes d'autres collaborateurs afin de rapporter à la direction et se faire mieux voir. Les pratiques managériales ne sont pas des plus agréables ni des plus correctes. Tout le monde a une peur bleue de la direction car elle pratique un management sévère et s'attarde beaucoup sur le "paraître"."

Synthèse technique et architecturale. (Former Employee) says

"Ouvrir les derniers plans d'étanchéité. Les positionner et faire un fond de plan suivant les plans de l'architecte et les demandes des conducteurs de travaux. Si besoins, aller sur site et faire des relevés. Compilations plans architecte-structure et faux-plafonds. Donner des directives aux coordinateurs de synthèse.Centre villePas de cantine"

Chef de projet (Former Employee) says

"Domaine intéressant et challengeant Ambiance assez mauvaisePeu d'avolution possible, aucune gestion des talents"

Senior Director FInance (Former Employee) says

"Initially this was a great place to work, There were many people who had been at the company 20 to 30 years. After Westfield was acquired, the culture changed. The work hours became longer and the job stability declined. Before COVID-19 there were several rounds of lay-offs. Although the workforce decreased, the expectations did not. It is very common to be at the office after 8:00 PM with many others still in the office."

Management (Former Employee) says

"Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is a newly combined company coming out of a takeover action from the UR segment from Paris. Rough start but making progress towards better integration."

EGP - European Graduate Program (Former Employee) says

"Understaffed company, similar to consulting environment and very high rotation of employees, often leading to unstructured work tasks and lacking clear career development vision, placements are purely based on luck and office politics, it however still offers interesting development if one is lucky. Lack of work life balance, work is always a priority."

Marko says

"Very terrible parking experience! Please avoid this place. There are many other alternatives nearby."

Stig Hansen says

"Stay away from this parking scam. They charge you extra money claiming that you havent payed even though their computer system onsite stated that you have."

Lese Olese says

"If you have no car so you are lucky. Simple matematiks. Movie tikets adult and kid plus popcorn and cola about 200 kr. Plus parking for to ekstra hours with something. 105 kr. Chrismas question. Do I ever come back Fisketorvet? No thak you..."

Marta says

"I have went to a restaurant and the cinema in the shopping mall. When I parked the car the ticket machines at the entrance of the parking lot were covered and there was no ticket automat anywhere else to be spotted. It was also not possible to pay with the mobile app. I assumed the because of ticket machines were covered that for time beeing the tickets are suspened and there is no need to get it. So I went to the cinema and when I have retured I found out I have been given 750 kr fine! Later on I found out I should have gone to the candy store to get some extension ticket!! But that info was not displayed anywhere (I didnt buy ticket at the ticket office, where apparently the sign is situated nor went to the candy store). I think it is riddicoulous that it is not possible to buy a parking ticket and instead getting fined !"